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Eclipse: Plugin FindBugs
Here, I will present you briefly the "FindBugs" plugin of Eclipse (Eclipse 3.7 Indigo). FindBugs is an open source static analysis of Java bytecode. Its goal is to find bugs in Java programs by identifying patterns recognized as bugs. To do this, it analyzes the bytecode looking for certain patterns known. It is not limited to searching by regular expressions, try ...more»
Tools: HTTP proxy WebScarab
In a previous article, I have presented the TCP/IP Monitor in Eclipse, in this article, I will present a other proxy tool named Webscarab, its installation and its basic use by the configuration of a local proxy. WebScarab is a tool and a framework for analysing applications that communicate using the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, it is designed for Web security ...more»
Eclipse: TCP/IP Monitor view
This article presents a tool in Eclispe IDE to monitor the exchanges between a client (browser) and your server. In fact, the TCP/IP Monitor is a simple server that monitors all the requests and the responses (TCP/IP activity) between a Web browser and server. It is very great tool to analyze the complexe request/response (like JSON). So, TCP monitor eclipse plugin ...more»
Tools: Generate Junits report via ANT
Download project: ...more»
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