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Sencha/ExtJs: Timer, Task used for a progression bar (Part2)
In a previous post, I have introduced the Timer and Task components of Sencha framework. In this example more advanced, we will use the components timer/task of Sencha in order to show a progression bar in client side after the submitting of an business action to server. Each request sent by a client is identified by a requestID in order to ...more»
Sencha/ExtJs: Timer, Timed Code Execution (Part1)
In this post, I would introduced the timer executed in client side due to the Sencha/ExtJs Framework. Sencha provides several components in order to implement the timers (definitions from Sencha site): Ext.util.TaskRunner: The TaskRunner class is used to execute a function at a specified interval. This is useful when doing polling type operations, for example when reloading Ajax content every ...more»
Java/Hibernate: generate universally a unique object ID with ORM/Hibernate persistence layer
In most applications, it is necessary to generate universally a unique object ID. Often, this information which is used like primary key in database, is generated via an Oracle sequencer or procedure. And its value is not really predictable. So, here, an simple solution used in an application with a layer ORM (object-relational mapping) like Hibernate: First, it's singleton ...more»
Sencha/ExtJs: How to clear the store and update a paging toolbar?
A small post on a problem encountred with EXTJS 4.0.2. I have a GridPanel with a paging toolbar. This grid is loaded with store (ajax, server; json...etc). And the paging toolbar allows the navigation in all pages with each time, a automatical ajax request is done from client's store to server. During these exchanges, (at each request) the parameters ...more»
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