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Sencha/ExtJs: Validation fields on the fly with VType
In this article, I would talk about the VType component in Sencha/Extjs framework. The official documentation of VTypes is "This is a singleton object which contains a set of commonly used field validation functions and provides a mechanism for creating reusable custom field validations. The following field validation functions are provided out of the box": alpha alphanum email url So, VTypes can be applied to ...more»
Java/Spring: Create cron with frameworks, JDK timer, Quartz, ServletContextListener, ApplicationContextAware….
In this post, I propose several solutions to create CRON with frameworksand component JDK timer, Quartz, ServletContextListener, ApplicationContextAware.... Cron, crontab, push, pull, pool...what are they? First, some definitions: The crontab is the configuration table containing the crons. So cron (or job) is a process or a program launched at predefined times. The push mode is a client-server communication model in which the dialogue ...more»
Java/Spring: Get and display the version from MANIFEST.MF
In this small post, I will expose your simple useful manners to get the version from MANIFEST.MF and display it in an web application. 1st case: loading of the META-INF file contained in a custom library Create (or check the presence of) the MANIFEST.MF file in the META-INF folder of your custom library like MyLib\src\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF. The content of this file could be: Create ...more»
Java: A concrete example of Queue’s utilization: Multi Servers Dispatching (Part8)
After my posts concerning presentation of Queue/BlockingQueue, and the Queue/BlockingQueue implementations I would continue with a post about a concrete example of these implementations: the Multi servers dispatching. Multi-server operating system: This system provides a pool of available connections due to: ConfigParametersAndUtils: Configuration's parameters and useful methods MyHostConnectionProxy: Encapsulates the real connection. This class manage the connection transaction timeout too, if a connection duration ...more»
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