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Xstream: Presentation, Serialization, Deserialization, Xml
Hello, I would write briefly about a very good framework for the serialization and deserialization of Xml in Java applications: Xstream. Introduction XStream is an API that allows the serialization of Java objects in XML, i.e. from a Java object, XStream performs a transformation to XML whose tags are the different attributes the object. Similarly, the deserialization allows the load of a Java ...more»
Java/Spring: Data caching – Intercept method calls and put their returns in server-side cache with AOP/MBEAN/JCONSOLE
Hi, In a previous article Java/Spring: Measure performance and time processing with AOP on server side, I have presented a solution in order to measure performance and time processing on server side via an AOP layer (AOPALLIANCE library in Spring framework) to measure the execution time of the methods in the persistence layer HIBERNATE. So in this article, I propose you to ...more»
Tool/Browser: Brief presentation of YSlow
Hello, I would like to write some words concerning YSlow. It's a tool which analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages. Originally, it was an add-on developped by Yahoo! for the Firebug extension in Firefox. It is also widely used by webmasters and developers. So, after analysis, YSlow assigns ...more»
GWT/GAE: A example of GWT, Creation, Configuration GAE, Deployment on Jetty (PART1)
After the presentation of GWT and GAE, I will introduce my first experience with GWT programming and its deployment on GAE through several articles. Here the points of these articles: Prerequisites, Configuration GAE account, New Eclispe project with the type "Web Application Project", Deployment on GWT embedded server named Jetty, Evolution of the interface with GWT Designer, Deployment on a Jboss server, Deployment on a Tomcat server, Deployment on ...more»
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