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Documentum : Job : Force the starting and stopping of a running job (DQL, API)
Hi, Just a post in order to expose a solution in order to force the starting/stopping of a running job. Force the job's starting via DQL: Execute the following query: Check the log and the automatically setting to initial value for the next invocation date by AGENT_EXEC process depending on the scheduling parameters of job :   Force the job's stopping: Get the process id, by running ...more»
Documentum : Moving Content Files via Administration Method MIGRATE_CONTENT (1/3)
Hello, After, my first post Documentum : Administration Methods : Presentation and examples GET_PATH, DO_METHOD, CHECK_SECURITY, GET_FILE_URL concerning the administration methods, I propose to focus on content's migration, especially via: 1. MIGRATE_CONTENT administration method 2. Records migration job 3. Migration Policy (need of Documentum Content Storage Services license)       1. MIGRATE_CONTENT ADMINISTRATION METHOD   The MIGRATE_CONTENT method allows the moving of multiple content files from a file store, ...more»
Documentum : DQL : Repeating Attribute DM_QUERY_E_REPEAT_REG, DM_QUERY2_E_REPEAT_TYPE_JOIN
Hello All, I am running the below query in order to list the documents created after 23/09/2015, whose the name starts with 'javalu' and attached/associated with the ASPECTS aspect_1 or aspect_2: NOTE : r_aspect_name is repeating attribute. SELECT doc.r_object_id, doc.r_aspect_name FROM dm_document doc LEFT OUTER JOIN dm_acl mAcl ON mAcl.object_name = doc.acl_name WHERE LOWER(doc.object_name) like 'javalu%' AND (any doc.r_aspect_name = 'aspect_1' or any doc.r_aspect_name = ...more»
Documentum : Administration Methods : Presentation and examples GET_PATH, DO_METHOD, CHECK_SECURITY, GET_FILE_URL
Hello, Here, a simple post concerning the Administration Methods. what are Administration Methods ? which are Administration Methods ? Administrative methods are methods that perform a variety of administrative and monitoring tasks. They are executed in an application by invoking either the DQL EXECUTE statement or the IDfSession.apply method. You can also execute them interactively through Documentum Administrator. More information in: - ...more»
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