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Documentum : Extended Permission Values, XPermit
Hello, I would like expose here some explanations concerning the Extended Permissions or Xpermit or r_accessor_xpermit of ACL.   For example, below the détails of an dm_ACL:   Reminder: dm_world = This is an alias for all of the users in a docbase. dm_owner = This is an alias for the current owner of the document. ACL is a regular ACL (acl_class=0 ; case of ‘dm_45%’), a template ...more»
Documentum : ACL template, Permission Set Template with Alias Set (PART 1 : theory)
Hello, This post is relating to Permission Set Template (PST) or ACL Template available in Documentum. This feature is naturally coupled with Alias Set.   Summary: PST + Alias Set = Normal ACL   Concerning the theoretic aspects, I advise an excellent article highlighting that the PST feature is rarely used, probably due to developers lack of understanding and the complexity of designing security model ...more»
Java : LDAP : Utility Class LDAPHelper
Hi, Just a mini-post concerning an utility class/helper in order to request LDAP/AD LDAPHelper: That's all!!!! Huseyin OZVEREN ...more»
Documentum : Utility Class DCTMUtil
Hi, Just a mini-post concerning an utility class to communicate with DCTM DCTMUtil: That's all!!!! Huseyin OZVEREN ...more»
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