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Java / Security : Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL injection
Hi, A simple post concerning the Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL injection which are types of security vulnerability used in Web applications. In SQL-Injection the vulnerability is exploited by injecting SQL Queries as user inputs. In XSS, Javascript code is injected (basically client side scripting) to the remote server (persistente or non-persistent). For more information, Wikipedia is a good source ...more»
Java/Spring/JSON: Generate JSON with/without viewresolver jsonview / with json-lib-2.3-jdk15
Hello, In this mini article, we will explain the 2 ways to generate JSON from a web application based on Spring MVC: - with the "JSON view resolver" of Spring; - without the "JSON view resolver" of Spring i.e. with the json-lib-2.3-jdk15.jar; Reminder: Classic handler returning to a JSP page due to 'JstlView' ... and the view resolver JstlView is used in the spring ...more»
Java/Spring MVC: Exception Handler, Resolver and Customization
Hello, In this article, I would present you the exception handling and resolving of Spring MVC in a web application. Usually, it’s recommended to display a error page instead of the default long java plain exception code in web application. So, it is possible to configure a custom error page to map a specified error code or exception type in the ...more»
Java/Spring/Web: Logout servlet example
Hi, A simple mini-post concerning a servlet to invalidate the current session when the user wants to logout. This is directly supported by the servlet api by the call to appropriate method HttpSession.invalidate() in a servlet or a controller dedicated to invalidate session. I). Server Side components First, following the codes of coordinator servlet LogoutServlet: Explanations: This class LogoutServlet implements the interface HttpRequestHandler which ...more»
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