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Sencha/ExtJs: Encode/Decode an array in the client/server communications
Hi, I would expose you a simple solution to encode an array of objects during the submission of a form on client side (in Javascript) and decode this same array on server side (in JAVA). Client side During the submission of a form, we create a parameter named MyArrayParam which will contain the array of objects: We need a method to create the parameter ...more»
Java/XSL: XSL-FO with Apache FOP
Here, a post to present briefly the recommandation XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) and an example with Apache FOP. This article is a part of a serie of posts concerning the XSL recommendations. From the W3C website about the The Extensible Stylesheet Language Family (XSL) XSL is a family of recommendations for defining XML document transformation and presentation. It consists of three ...more»
Java/XML: Validating XML with DTD (Document Type Definition) or XSD (XML Schema Definition) with JAXP (SAX, DOM)
After, my post concerning the XML parsing with JAXP (SAX and DOM APIs), here, I would present simple examples of validation XML stream with the JAXP (Java APIs for XML Processing) API which is a common interface for creating, parsing and manipulating XML documents using the standard SAX, DOM and XSLTs. 1. XML Validating XML has become indispensable in Information Systems Architectures ...more»
Spring/GWT/GAE: Spring Security on Google Cloud, Jetty, Tomcat
Hi, A simple post about a problem that I encountred during the development of a personnal GWT application with Spring Security and its deployment on Google Cloud GAE. 1. Creation of application and securization with Spring security Create a simple GWT application by creating a "Web Application Project" in Eclipse named huojavagwtgaespringsecurity1; Add the following jars in the folder huojavagwtgaespringsecurity1\war\WEB-INF\lib: aopalliance-1.0.jar asm.jar aspectjrt-1.6.8.jar aspectjweaver-1.6.8.jar cglib-2.2.2.jar commons-logging-1.1.1.jar jstl-1.2.jar spring-security-config-3.0.5.RELEASE.jar spring-security-core-3.0.5.RELEASE.jar spring-security-web-3.0.5.RELEASE.jar spring-aop-3.0.3.RELEASE.jar spring-asm-3.0.5.RELEASE.jar spring-beans-3.0.5.RELEASE.jar spring-context-support-3.0.5.RELEASE.jar spring-context-3.0.5.RELEASE.jar spring-core-3.0.5.RELEASE.jar spring-expression-3.0.5.RELEASE.jar spring-tx-3.0.3.RELEASE.jar spring-web-3.0.5.RELEASE.jar spring-webmvc-3.0.5.RELEASE.jar Edit the web ...more»
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