After several information’s requests concerning the Spring certification, I have decided to write these some words about the SFC certification (Spring Framework Core) in order to share my resources and mock exams.

First, I have received during october 2008, the first training “Spring Framework Core” (4 days) at Luxembourg by the company Spring Source (Creators of the Spring framework). At the end of training, a voucher had been offered to allow the examination. Then, I took the exam SFC 2.5 during june 2011. This exam was about the version 2.5 of Spring, it had 50 multiple choice questions (one only possible answer per question), 88 minutes allotted for this exam. It is success when more than 75% of correct answers, and a provisional certificate of achievement is printed and delivered. The final certificate is received by email and/or post a few weeks later.

Concerning the registration and scheduling of exams, the candidates must register and schedule by:

  • Visiting the Pearsonvue website or Calling the Pearson VUE Call Center.
  • Spring exam should be scheduled at least one full business day in advance.
  • Candidates who need to cancel or reschedule their appointment must do so within 24 hours of their exam appointment.

For my preparation, I have studied Spring with:

For the mock exams, you could use the following resources which some are free and others by paying some euros:

To conclude this post, I propose you a ZIP bonus: a ZIP file containing the several mock exams with the corrections.

Best regards,