This post is about need’s execution of dm_DataDictionaryPublisher job after the modifications create/delete/update of:

  • type:
  • attribute:
  • value mapping:

The dm_DataDictionaryPublisher job publishes data dictionary information about the types and properties of internal Documentum objects to be available to the client applications as part of the publication. Normally, this job is useless when there is no change to the data model, the goal is to publish the changes, which can be done easily manually. By default, it is configured to run every 30 minutes.

Need or not need?
So, the job ‘dm_DataDictionaryPublisher’ must be executed if the the modifications (attribute/type/value mapping) are deployed on docbase via DARDeployer (DAR file) or the execution of DQL/API instructions. The execution of this job is NOT necessary when the modifications (attribute/type/value mapping) are deployed on docbase directly via Composer and with a SUPERUSER account.

To force the execution of this, see the post http://www.javablog.fr/documentum-job-force-the-starting-and-stopping-of-a-running-job-dql-api.html.

That’s all!!!