It possible to use Documentum in order to supply and store the available values of an attribute for the filling of user via 2 solutions: Value Assistance/Mapping and Custom Object.
Here, the hierarchical diagram of Documentum objects : persistent object, dm_user, dm_acl, dm_sysobject, dm_document, ..etc.

Solution 1 : Value Assistance/Mapping
This solution consists to use the values mapping on the attributes of a custom type like subtype of dm_document.
These values mappings are configurable via COMPOSER:

  • Advantages : Automatically check of data by DCTM that refuses the saving of documents with an incorrect value in single or multi-value metadata
  • Disadvantages: Heaviness through the Composer

Solution 2 : Custom Object
This solution consists to use Documentum custom object in order to store the available values for an attribute.

  • Advantages : Easy installation and maintenance
  • Disadvantages: No automatic data check by DCTM

Example n°1 : the creation of a subtype of « persistent object » (WITH SUPERTYPE NULL) (Generating DQL queries to create a type via “genesis” SAMSON):

DQL> genesis my_root_persistent_object

CREATE TYPE my_root_persistent_object (
i_is_replica BOOL,
categories CHAR(64) REPEATING,
type_name CHAR(64),
is_encrypted BOOL,
i_vstamp INT)

Example n°2 : the creation of a subtype of « dm_document » (Generating DQL queries to create a type via “genesis” SAMSON):

DQL> genesis my_root_document_type;

CREATE TYPE my_root_document_type (
id_client CHAR(32) REPEATING,
format INT,
date_sending DATE,
date_creation DATE,
sensibility BOOL,
refs_operation CHAR(25) REPEATING,
crm CHAR(35),
status INT,
reference CHAR(255),
comment_hist CHAR(255) REPEATING,
last_major_version ID,
srv_dest_temp INT,
merging_count INT,
merging_parents_id ID REPEATING,
comment CHAR(255))
WITH SUPERTYPE dm_document

ALTER TYPE my_root_document_type MODIFY 
comment_hist CHAR(512),
comment CHAR(512)

That’s all!!!