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Sencha:ExtJs: Measure processing time in web application on client side (Model, Store loadings and AJAX calls)
Hi, Here, I would propose you a post concerning the measure of processing time in web application on client side (Model, Store loadings and AJAX calls), for example, the time between the sending of request and the receipt of response from server on client side, or the processing time for the support of server's response on client side. Ajax Calls In this ...more»
Spring: Expose all Spring beans as HTTP/AJAX service returning content in JSON format in Spring MVC application
Here, a homemade "securized" solution (questionable ??!!!) allowing the generic calls to Spring bean on server side from the client side with Ajax requests on the format: In fact, this solution exposes the Spring BEANs as a HTTP/AJAX SERVICE, returning a content like JSON objects in a Spring MVC application. This solution uses several technologies: Spring: the HttpRequestHandler interface for the creation ...more»
GWT 2.4.0: Presentation and Development with GWT (Google Web Toolkit)
I start by the presentation of GWT: GWT (Google Web Toolkit) 2.4.0, is a popular framework available as open source since the end of 2007, which addresses the following problematic topics: the support of different browsers that do not support all the JavaScript in the same way, especially concerning the implementation of AJAX applications); the maintenance and evolution of applications ...more»
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