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Sencha/ExtJs: Timer, Task used for a progression bar (Part2)
In a previous post, I have introduced the Timer and Task components of Sencha framework. In this example more advanced, we will use the components timer/task of Sencha in order to show a progression bar in client side after the submitting of an business action to server. Each request sent by a client is identified by a requestID in order to ...more»
Sencha/ExtJs: Timer, Timed Code Execution (Part1)
In this post, I would introduced the timer executed in client side due to the Sencha/ExtJs Framework. Sencha provides several components in order to implement the timers (definitions from Sencha site): Ext.util.TaskRunner: The TaskRunner class is used to execute a function at a specified interval. This is useful when doing polling type operations, for example when reloading Ajax content every ...more»
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