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Documentum : Moving Content Files via Administration Method MIGRATE_CONTENT (1/3)
Hello, After, my first post Documentum : Administration Methods : Presentation and examples GET_PATH, DO_METHOD, CHECK_SECURITY, GET_FILE_URL concerning the administration methods, I propose to focus on content's migration, especially via: 1. MIGRATE_CONTENT administration method 2. Records migration job 3. Migration Policy (need of Documentum Content Storage Services license)       1. MIGRATE_CONTENT ADMINISTRATION METHOD   The MIGRATE_CONTENT method allows the moving of multiple content files from a file store, ...more»
Sencha/ExtJs: Adding items/Updating content in a panel dynamically
Hello, Below, a simple example to add items to a panel dynamicaly in runtime in Sencha Framework: Notes: The component 'containerBottomButtonsID' must have its layout (panel, container..). For the updating of content in a panel on the fly, a simple example after an ajax request: In the previous example, we could replace the updating by adding item in the success callback like: Best regards, ...more»
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