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Java – Apache – Velocity: Simple example of Velocity 2/2
Hi, It's my first post of this year, after my first post concerning the library Apache Velocity Simple Presentation of Velocity, I would expose you an article about simple example of use of Velocity. A memo to use speedly Velocity. First, our project needs the following jars to the classpath of your project: velocity-1.7.jar velocity-tools-2.0.jar It is necessary to initialize Velocity, via the method Velocity.init(...) ...more»
Java/Ehcache: A simple example of use of Ehcache 2.6.2
Hi, After my post about a homemade solution of Data caching (Java/Spring: Data caching – Intercept method calls and put their returns in server-side cache with AOP/MBEAN/JCONSOLE), you would introduce a simple use of Ehcache framework. Presentation I am also beginner in the use of Ehcache, so, for more information, Ehcache is an open source, standards-based cache for boosting performance, offloading your ...more»
Java/Spring/Web: Logout servlet example
Hi, A simple mini-post concerning a servlet to invalidate the current session when the user wants to logout. This is directly supported by the servlet api by the call to appropriate method HttpSession.invalidate() in a servlet or a controller dedicated to invalidate session. I). Server Side components First, following the codes of coordinator servlet LogoutServlet: Explanations: This class LogoutServlet implements the interface HttpRequestHandler which ...more»
GWT/GAE: A example of GWT, Internationalization (i18n)/Localization of the application (PART4)
In previous articles, I have related the prerequisites, the configuration of a GAE account, the creation of a new Eclispe project with the type “Web Application Project”, the deployment of an application on the GWT embedded server named Jetty, the evolution of the interface with GWT Designer, the deployment of an application on a Jboss server, on a Tomcat server ...more»
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