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Java/Web: Set cache control in response with Http Filter (HttpCacheFilter)
Hi, The purpose of this paper is to evaluate solutions to manage the browser cache at the application level, using the HTTP headers. This post will start with some explanations concerning the cache in client-server exchanges, then simple examples, and finally with a solution based on http filter allowing the activation of caching on the browser side in order to reduce ...more»
Java/Web: GZIP compression with Http Filter, GZIPFilter, GZIPResponseStream, GZIPResponseWrapper
Hi, The bandwidth is an important concern of the production management of a website. A recognized method of all browsers and systems to drastically reduce the bandwidth usage is the Zip compression of data sent on the fly, decompressed without loss and displayed by the browser. In this article, we will discuss about the configuration of gzip compression in the client-server ...more»
Tools: HTTP proxy WebScarab
In a previous article, I have presented the TCP/IP Monitor in Eclipse, in this article, I will present a other proxy tool named Webscarab, its installation and its basic use by the configuration of a local proxy. WebScarab is a tool and a framework for analysing applications that communicate using the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, it is designed for Web security ...more»
Spring: Web Application – Spring MVC and UTF-8 Encoding with CharacterEncodingFilter
In the web based application, it is necessary to encode the incoming request and outgoing response in UTF-8 in order to have a application compliant with all characters. It exists a http filter to set the contentType attribute including the content type and the encoding of the content writer (see Servlet specification). The CharacterEncodingFilter class provided by Spring enables an automatic ...more»
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