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Documentum : Projection of Content Server/Docbase To 2 Docbrokers / Load balancing Content Server
Hi,   A post on the projection of a Content Server/Docbase to several Docbrokers. When a DCTM client wants to request DCTM, there are several STEPS: Each CS projets itself (server.ini) to the 3 docbrokers on 3 hosts, so, the 3 CS are known on 3 docbrokers DCTM Client (application serveur) requests (cf randomly the docbroker The requested docbroker gives to client the CS the ...more»
Spring: access to properties or parameters in all places of the application
Hi, I propose you a simple solution based on Spring context, PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer to load and access to properties or parameters in all places of an application. First, we have a properties' file (for example) named "" in the server's classpath (for example in the "etc" folder of TOMCAT server) containing: Secondly, create a class containing a attribute for each parameter of above ...more»
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