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Java: A concrete example of Queue’s utilization: Multi Servers Dispatching (Part8)
After my posts concerning presentation of Queue/BlockingQueue, and the Queue/BlockingQueue implementations I would continue with a post about a concrete example of these implementations: the Multi servers dispatching. Multi-server operating system: This system provides a pool of available connections due to: ConfigParametersAndUtils: Configuration's parameters and useful methods MyHostConnectionProxy: Encapsulates the real connection. This class manage the connection transaction timeout too, if a connection duration ...more»
Java: Multi tasks, Multi threading, Synchronization, Semaphore, Mutex, Barrier
Hi, This post concerns the multi-tasking or multi-threading which is a programming technique to take advantage of the use of tasks (threads). We will see in this tutorial the practical implementation of a multi-tasking. Firstly, to define what the multi-tasking, I propose several examples within an application: the GUI can start a thread to load a image while it continues to process events ...more»
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