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Java/Hibernate: ORM detachment tool and ORMCloner
In my post Java/Hibernate: Converting Hibernate proxy to real object and ORMLazyLoader, we have studied an utility ORMLazyLoader used directly in the POJO in order to detach from Hibernate session the lazy loaded attributes like: This utility loads the lazy attributes (Hibernate, Collection) in specified levels, however, the attributes of levels not specified, will remain attached to the Hibernate session. So, ...more»
Java/Hibernate: generate universally a unique object ID with ORM/Hibernate persistence layer
In most applications, it is necessary to generate universally a unique object ID. Often, this information which is used like primary key in database, is generated via an Oracle sequencer or procedure. And its value is not really predictable. So, here, an simple solution used in an application with a layer ORM (object-relational mapping) like Hibernate: First, it's singleton ...more»
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