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Spring: Problem with apostrophe (quote) in MessageSource
Hi, After my post Spring: Internationalization with message source, I write a mini-post concerning a problem known in MessageSource of Spring for the message containing apostrophe or quote. Indeed, there is a known issue (JIRA SPR-9169) in the Spring MessageSource component, a single apostrophe (or quote) is ignored and all text between quotes containing two parameters {1}, {2} is interpreted as plain ...more»
Java/Spring MVC: Exception Handler, Resolver and Customization
Hello, In this article, I would present you the exception handling and resolving of Spring MVC in a web application. Usually, it’s recommended to display a error page instead of the default long java plain exception code in web application. So, it is possible to configure a custom error page to map a specified error code or exception type in the ...more»
Java: Use of JVM variable argument (Spring, properties file, outside of classpath scope)
Hello, I know, I have not been writing on my blog since a long time, but, I have been very busy with a challenge project. So, today, I start with a mini-post concerning the use of JVM variable/argument. We will study a concret example to specifiy the place of a configuration file outside of classpath scope. Needs We need to precise the ...more»
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