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Documentum : Value Assistance, Mapping VS Custom Object
Hello,   It possible to use Documentum in order to supply and store the available values of an attribute for the filling of user via 2 solutions: Value Assistance/Mapping and Custom Object.   Here, the hierarchical diagram of Documentum objects : persistent object, dm_user, dm_acl, dm_sysobject, dm_document, ..etc.     Solution 1 : Value Assistance/Mapping This solution consists to use the values mapping on the attributes of ...more»
Documentum : BOF – SBO (Service based Business Object) – TBO (Type based Business Object) – ASPECTS
Hello, I would like to expose you the DCTM BOF Business Object Framework (BOF) which is the object oriented framework provided by Documentum to build, deploy, test and execute reusable business logic component known as Business Objects. Types of BOF Modules: TBO – Type Based Business Object SBO – Service Based Business Object Aspects Simple Module BOF offers the following capabilities: Customization of Documentum functionality in one of ...more»
Java/Hibernate: Converting Hibernate proxy to real object and ORMLazyLoader
Hello, To continue with Hibernate/ORM posts, I would submit a common problem faced with the use of lazy loading in ORM: the objects returned by the ORM layer contain lazy loading references (its type has a suffix as '_$$_javassist_11'), and so the need of have an ORM session to access these objects. Origin of lazy exceptions Indeed, some object attributes are loaded as ...more»
Java/Hibernate: generate universally a unique object ID with ORM/Hibernate persistence layer
In most applications, it is necessary to generate universally a unique object ID. Often, this information which is used like primary key in database, is generated via an Oracle sequencer or procedure. And its value is not really predictable. So, here, an simple solution used in an application with a layer ORM (object-relational mapping) like Hibernate: First, it's singleton ...more»
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