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Java : Annotation : Example of validation with annotation (mandatory, target, maxlength…)
Hello, I would present you an example concerning the annotation in JAVA: validation POJO with annotation. Brief presentation Introduced with Java SE 5, the annotations are more increasingly used in the development of applications. Annotations provide informations about a class and they have no direct effect on the annotated code. Annotations can be preserved at runtime (RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) or are only available at development ...more»
Java/XML: Validating XML with DTD (Document Type Definition) or XSD (XML Schema Definition) with JAXP (SAX, DOM)
After, my post concerning the XML parsing with JAXP (SAX and DOM APIs), here, I would present simple examples of validation XML stream with the JAXP (Java APIs for XML Processing) API which is a common interface for creating, parsing and manipulating XML documents using the standard SAX, DOM and XSLTs. 1. XML Validating XML has become indispensable in Information Systems Architectures ...more»
Sencha/ExtJs: Form Validation fields
After the post Sencha/ExtJs: Validation fields on the fly with VType, I would write some words concerning the form's validation on client side with the Sencha/ExtJs framework. A concret example, with a form containing several fields and in our case a date field and a time field. First, we will create a VType in order to valid the time field; ...and the form ...more»
Sencha/ExtJs: Validation fields on the fly with VType
In this article, I would talk about the VType component in Sencha/Extjs framework. The official documentation of VTypes is "This is a singleton object which contains a set of commonly used field validation functions and provides a mechanism for creating reusable custom field validations. The following field validation functions are provided out of the box": alpha alphanum email url So, VTypes can be applied to ...more»
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