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Documentum : DataSource Configuration (DS)
Hi, Juste a mini-post concerning the configuation of DATASOURCE on Documentum server. The DATASOURCE (DS) are configurable: in windows via the ODBC Data Source Administrator in JAVA METHOD SERVER (Jboss) via the file D:\Documentum\jboss7.1.1\server\DctmServer_MethodServer\configuration\standalone.xml   Here, the example for the DS "java:/MY_ARCHIVE_DS" :     The use of this DS in the JOB/JAVA code could be: That's all!!! Huseyin OZVEREN ...more»
Documentum : DA : LDAP Servers Configuration, dm_LDAPSynchronization job
Hello, I would like to present in this post, the LDAP servers configuration in Documentum Administrator (DA) and the dm_LDAPSynchronization job.     Creation of LDAP server configuration: Go to the LDAP Servers node in DA:   Click on the FILE > LDAP Server Configuration menu:   Fill in the informations concerning the LDAP server: Warning: the name of LDAP Server Configuration must be identical to domain name. In update ...more»
Documentum : Diagnostic DFC configuration, localization log4j.propeties,
Hello, CLIENT SIDE Everybody has already been confronted with problem of localization of or files used on runtime. The DFC configuration files like and are located through the classpath found in WAR files and EAR files. More, for information, there are several possibilities to point to file: Include Statement A can contain an include statement pointing at the ...more»
Documentum : License key in wrapper.conf
Hi, The file wrapper.conf in the documentum installation folder \jbossX.Y.Z\server\serviceConfig\MethodServer\conf\ contains the informations concerning the EMC license: For a non-PROD DCTM installation (7.2): # License Key wrapper.license.type=DEV wrapper.license.licensee=EMC wrapper.license.dev_application=Documentum wrapper.license.features=64bit wrapper.license.upgrade_term.begin_date=2016-07-21 wrapper.license.upgrade_term.end_date=2016-07-21 wrapper.license.key.1=12h7-06h1-45sd-de8f wrapper.license.key.2=12ho-45z4-sc4h-der54 wrapper.license.key.3=z12r-h40a-145d-45sr wrapper.license.key.4=2a6r-0779-wq7t-7fyi That's all! Huseyin OZVEREN ...more»
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