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Java : Verify Accessibility Via PING Command
Hello, Just a method in order to verify the accessibility of a host via PING command. Examples With PING command ...With host name: ...With IP:     Java Source Code   ... main test method: ...outputs:     That's all!!! Huseyin OZVEREN ...more»
Documentum : Java Method Server (JMS), Starting, Stopping, URL, command
Hello, Documentum proposes the Java method server as a means of improving the performance and scalability of its method architecture, indeed, it is possible to execute custom code on behalf of the Content Server via Documentum methods written in Java or DocBasic.     Presentation of Java Method Server The method server itself is a Java-based web application communicating with the Content Server via HTTP ...more»
Unix : state of memory command free
Hi, In order to avoid the problem epxlaind in the post, there is an useful unix command free -tm: The values ​​are in MB, Mem is the actual RAM, Swap (specific to Unix) only serves to supplement the RAM (That is the ROM which serves RAM when needed). myAccount@javablogServer:~> free -tm ...more»
Tools: SFK – A Command Line Tools Collection
Here, I want present you a powerfull command line tool for daily tasks named Swiss File Knife (SFK), which a lot of features: Search text and binary files. Filter and replace text in files. Instant FTP and HTTP server, for easy file transfer between machines. List directory tree sizes and files. Zero installation, all-in-one executable. Open source for Windows (9x/NT/XP/Vista/7), Linux and ...more»
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