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Documentum : BUG in DQL Date Functions When Together Use Of DATEFLOOR, DATEDIFF, DATETOSTRING and DATEADD
Hello, Just a post concerning the BUG of use of DATEFLOOR, DATEDIFF, DATETOSTRING and DATEADD together. To illustrate this problem, for example, we would like to list the documents (r_object_id) modified during the last year: ==> Error occured during query execution :error: "A Parser Error (syntax error) has occurred in the vicinity of: SELECT r_object_id FROM dm_document WHERE r_modify_date >= "   ==> Error occured ...more»
Documentum : DQL performance testing tool DQLPerformanceTest
Hello, I would like present a useful good tool DQLPerformanceTest v1.1 provided by DELL EMC and created by Krzysztof Jurkowski. The first part (PRESENTATION) of this post has been copied/pasted from EMC website ( In the second part (EXAMPLE OF USE), I would expose a full example of tool's use and interpretation of generated results.   PART I : PRESENTATION Description DQLPerformanceTest is a java ...more»
Documentum : Execution of DQL script via IDQL32, API script via IAPI32
Hello, Just a post concerning the execution of DQL script via IDQL32, and API script via IAPI32.   DQL script via IDQL32 Here an example on exportation of unused ACLs in CSV file: Creation of DQL script : script_dql_export_acl_not_used.dql in order to export the unused ACLs in a CSV file named script_dql_export_acl_not_used_result.csv: Execution of script on content server via idql32 Tools. This script requires several parameters. Note: ...more»
Documentum : Repeating and Single Value Attributes in Database, Tables, Views, Aspects, i_position
Hello, This post is relating to repeating and single attributes in underlying database. Documentum objects support 2 types of attributes: Single Value Attributes Single Value properties are properties that can hold a single value at a time like the attributes r_object_id, object_name,...etc. Repeating Attributes Repeating Attributes are properties that can hold multiple values like the attributes Keywords, i_folder_id, r_aspect_name...etc.   TABLES All objects/properties/attributes are saved in underlying database. ...more»
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