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Java : SSL : Tool KeyStore Explorer, JDK cacerts truststore, Disable Certificate Validation in Java SSL Connections
Hello, After my first post concerning the SSL and the tool PorteCle ( allowing the generation of KeyStore, self-signed certificate instead of Keytool supported in the JDK / JRE, I would like to present a new tool KeyStore Explorer. KeyStore Explorer is an open source GUI replacement for the Java command-line utilities keytool and jarsigner. KeyStore Explorer presents their functionality, ...more»
Documentum : DarDeployer, Composer Headless On Server
Hello, Any DOCUMENTUM installation on a server is accompanied by a DARDEPLOYER to enable the deployment of Documentum ARCHive (DAR) on servers to: Avoid installing an IDE COMPOSER on the PRODUCTION servers, Avoid deploying a DAR from a DEV Workstation with access to the PRODUCTION environment and COMPOSER,   This DARDEPLOYER is available on server in a subfolder of DCTM folder named ComposerHeadless: \product\7.2\install\composer\ComposerHeadless example: D:\Documentum\product\7.2\install\composer\ComposerHeadless: That's ...more»
Documentum : DQL performance testing tool DQLPerformanceTest
Hello, I would like present a useful good tool DQLPerformanceTest v1.1 provided by DELL EMC and created by Krzysztof Jurkowski. The first part (PRESENTATION) of this post has been copied/pasted from EMC website ( In the second part (EXAMPLE OF USE), I would expose a full example of tool's use and interpretation of generated results.   PART I : PRESENTATION Description DQLPerformanceTest is a java ...more»
Java : SSL : Generate TrustStore, self-signed certificate, tool PorteCle
Hello, After my previous post concerning the SSL, PorteCle Generate KeyStore, self-signed certificate, tool PorteCle, concerning the generation of server's KeyStore, self-signed certificate..., in this post, i would expose the case of a server SERVER1 which communicates with an other server securized SERVER2 (like Jboss, Tomcat,...), so, now, we are speaking about the TrustStore of server. A keystore contains private keys, and ...more»
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