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Java : Annotation : Spring : AOP AspectJ: Measure performance and time processing with AOP and Annotation on server side
Hi, After my last post presenting an example about the annotation in JAVA Java : Annotation : Example of validation with annotation (mandatory, target, maxlength…) I would expose another example of JAVA annotation and AOP to measure performance and time processing on server side. In a previous article Java/Spring: Measure performance and time processing with AOP on server side, I presented a ...more»
Java/Spring/JSON: Generate JSON with/without viewresolver jsonview / with json-lib-2.3-jdk15
Hello, In this mini article, we will explain the 2 ways to generate JSON from a web application based on Spring MVC: - with the "JSON view resolver" of Spring; - without the "JSON view resolver" of Spring i.e. with the json-lib-2.3-jdk15.jar; Reminder: Classic handler returning to a JSP page due to 'JstlView' ... and the view resolver JstlView is used in the spring ...more»
Java/Spring3: Spring Security, authentication provider, override authentication token
Hi, I would write an article concerning the overridden of the token of Spring 3 Security. In this post, we will follow several points: creation of a simple Spring MVC Web application (controller, JSP pages,...), securization with Spring security via custom login form, override the authentication components (provider, token,...). Creation of Spring MVC Web application Create a simple Dynamic Web Module in Eclipse ...more»
Spring: Problem with apostrophe (quote) in MessageSource
Hi, After my post Spring: Internationalization with message source, I write a mini-post concerning a problem known in MessageSource of Spring for the message containing apostrophe or quote. Indeed, there is a known issue (JIRA SPR-9169) in the Spring MessageSource component, a single apostrophe (or quote) is ignored and all text between quotes containing two parameters {1}, {2} is interpreted as plain ...more»
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