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Hibernate : Escape underscore character in like expression
Hello, A simple article concerning a problem encountred by several developers (including myself) who developing with Hibernate 3 search criteria. In SQL, in the following query: ...the underscore is not being considered because underscore is a wildcard for a single character in SQL. The query matches and bring many rows apart the rows which have "PERSON_1". Several solutions are possible for thath the ...more»
Java/Hibernate: ORM detachment tool and ORMCloner
In my post Java/Hibernate: Converting Hibernate proxy to real object and ORMLazyLoader, we have studied an utility ORMLazyLoader used directly in the POJO in order to detach from Hibernate session the lazy loaded attributes like: This utility loads the lazy attributes (Hibernate, Collection) in specified levels, however, the attributes of levels not specified, will remain attached to the Hibernate session. So, ...more»
Java/Hibernate: Don’t repeat the DAO with a GenericDao
Here, I would like to propose you a good practice concerning the implementation of GenericDao because the basic operations for data persistence are all identical independently of object to save, the methods in question are those of a CRUD: registration (Create), reading (Read), Update (Update) and deletion (Delete). So, don't repeat the DAO!!!! in order to increase our code's productivity due ...more»
Java/Hibernate: Converting Hibernate proxy to real object and ORMLazyLoader
Hello, To continue with Hibernate/ORM posts, I would submit a common problem faced with the use of lazy loading in ORM: the objects returned by the ORM layer contain lazy loading references (its type has a suffix as '_$$_javassist_11'), and so the need of have an ORM session to access these objects. Origin of lazy exceptions Indeed, some object attributes are loaded as ...more»
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