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Documentum : License key in wrapper.conf
Hi, The file wrapper.conf in the documentum installation folder \jbossX.Y.Z\server\serviceConfig\MethodServer\conf\ contains the informations concerning the EMC license: For a non-PROD DCTM installation (7.2): # License Key wrapper.license.type=DEV wrapper.license.licensee=EMC wrapper.license.dev_application=Documentum wrapper.license.features=64bit wrapper.license.upgrade_term.begin_date=2016-07-21 wrapper.license.upgrade_term.end_date=2016-07-21 wrapper.license.key.1=12h7-06h1-45sd-de8f wrapper.license.key.2=12ho-45z4-sc4h-der54 wrapper.license.key.3=z12r-h40a-145d-45sr wrapper.license.key.4=2a6r-0779-wq7t-7fyi That's all! Huseyin OZVEREN ...more»
GWT/GAE: A example of GWT, Evolution with GWT Designer (PART2)
In a previous article, I have related the prerequisites, the configuration of a GAE account, the creation of a new Eclispe project with the type “Web Application Project” and the deployment of an application on the GWT embedded server named Jetty. In this article, we will discuss about the evolution of the interface with GWT Designer. Here the points of these ...more»
GWT/GAE: A example of GWT, Creation, Configuration GAE, Deployment on Jetty (PART1)
After the presentation of GWT and GAE, I will introduce my first experience with GWT programming and its deployment on GAE through several articles. Here the points of these articles: Prerequisites, Configuration GAE account, New Eclispe project with the type "Web Application Project", Deployment on GWT embedded server named Jetty, Evolution of the interface with GWT Designer, Deployment on a Jboss server, Deployment on a Tomcat server, Deployment on ...more»
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