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Java: Log4j in practice
Hi, After my post Java: Log4j Concepts and Explanations about Log4j concepts, I would introduce Log4j in practice through several concrets examples and their results. The section of this article will be: 1) Use of Log4j directly 2) Specifying granularity for external library or for custom package 3) Use of Log4j with a wrapper 4) Extended example with DailyRollingFileAppender 5) Use of environment variables in Log4J 6) Configure ...more»
Java: Log4j Concepts and Explanations
Hi, In this article, I would present the famous framework of logging Log4J which is used in the most projects. So, our article will be composed of several sections: 1) Presentation of logging and Log4J, 2) The components of Log4J, 3) Apache Commons Logging and SLF4J 1) Presentation of logging and Log4J The best practices of development recommend the use of a logging system instead of ...more»
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