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Java – Apache – Velocity: Simple presentation of Velocity 1/2
Hello, In this post, I would expose you another library developped by Apache Foundation: Velocity. Velocity is a library created by Apache, that allows quick and easy rendering of text pages, more light than the jsp pages. This libray is based on Template, variables, and some utilties classes. Following its success, there are several versions for others platforms like dot.NET. Below, a simple ...more»
Hibernate : Escape underscore character in like expression
Hello, A simple article concerning a problem encountred by several developers (including myself) who developing with Hibernate 3 search criteria. In SQL, in the following query: ...the underscore is not being considered because underscore is a wildcard for a single character in SQL. The query matches and bring many rows apart the rows which have "PERSON_1". Several solutions are possible for thath the ...more»
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