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Java : Mail : EML : MSG : Example of mail generation (MSGParser, Apache POI-HSMF)
Hello, I would expose you a simple need: generate a mail file on server side and return it to client side in order to open the client's email software like Outlook. So, we must on server side: generate a prefilled mail file with an attachment like PDF file, send this mail file to the client browser, At first, it seems simple: we have already ...more»
Java : Annotation : Spring : AOP AspectJ: Measure performance and time processing with AOP and Annotation on server side
Hi, After my last post presenting an example about the annotation in JAVA Java : Annotation : Example of validation with annotation (mandatory, target, maxlength…) I would expose another example of JAVA annotation and AOP to measure performance and time processing on server side. In a previous article Java/Spring: Measure performance and time processing with AOP on server side, I presented a ...more»
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