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Protected: DATASOURCE : install new driver
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Java : Access Database via JDBC, Use of SID or ServiceName
Hi, Often, the accesses to databases are different in JDBC according to the installation's type of databases: via SID for the simple/single instance of databases with a connection string like jdbc :oracle :thin :@//hostname :port_number:SID via Service Name for the simple/single instance of databases OR the databases installed on cluster system with a connection string like jdbc :oracle :thin :@//hostname :port_number/service_name   A bad use ...more»
Documentum : DBLink, View, Materialized View, Register Table
Hello, A post concerning the user of DbLink, View, and Register Table in Documentum. Presentation of DBLink In a database management system (DBMS), such as Oracle Database, a DBLink, or database link, is a database object that allows queries to be executed on another database, is physically on the same machine or is remote. A DBLink is a schema object that causes Oracle to ...more»
Documentum, Java, API : Encrypt/Decrypt database password in dbpasswd.txt on DCTM server
Hello, I would like to present a solution in order to encrypt/decrypt data base password stored in dbpasswd.txt on DCTM server via API commands and Java API programming. When and why this would be necessary ? Perhaps, if the database password has been forgotten by everybody :)   API commands So, the password of database is stored in the dbpasswd.txt file in the docbase's ...more»
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