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Java : LDAP : Utility Class LDAPHelper
Hi, Just a mini-post concerning an utility class/helper in order to request LDAP/AD LDAPHelper: That's all!!!! Huseyin OZVEREN ...more»
Java : Verify Accessibility Via PING Command
Hello, Just a method in order to verify the accessibility of a host via PING command. Examples With PING command ...With host name: ...With IP:     Java Source Code   ... main test method: ...outputs:     That's all!!! Huseyin OZVEREN ...more»
Java : Avoid Unauthorized File Downloading, Use of Token, Download File Servlet
Hello, I would like to expose a home-made solution in order to avoid the unauthorized file downloading via the generation and use of unique token (PART I). The second part (PART II) contains an example of download file servlet allowing several methods of writing file's content to client.   PART I Here, a singleton named AntiDownloadSingleton used on server side to: generate an ...more»
Java: JVM parameters, Application Cache, Calculation of Memory Footprint
Hi, In a previous post, we spoke about solution in order to avoid the famous OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space or OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space errors and JVM parameters (-XX:PermSize, -XX:MaxPermSize, -Xms, -Xmx).   In this post, I would like to expose a simple method to calculate the memory footprint of JAVA objects in a cache in order to set the appropriate values of ...more»
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