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Documentum : ACL, Permit Type, Trusted Content Services, TCS, Access Restriction, Required Group Set
Hello, The Trusted Content Services is a product of EMC which adds some security options on the Content Server. I had only the opportunity to use the feature concerning the additional types of entries in an ACL, so, I explain this feature in this post. Unfortunately, the others security features like Encrypted file store storage areas, Digital Shredding and Electronic signatures ...more»
Documentum : Modify/Change Immutable Document
Hello, Just a post concerning the immutable document : Documentum doesn't allow the modification of an immutable document: If, we try to change the status attribute of this document, we will obtain the following error: However, even on an immutable document, some attributes/actions could be done: change of ACL, content moving, modification done via SQL instructions like last modification date,...etc. When the above ...more»
Documentum : Job : Force the starting and stopping of a running job (DQL, API)
Hi, Just a post in order to expose a solution in order to force the starting/stopping of a running job. Force the job's starting via DQL: Execute the following query: Check the log and the automatically setting to initial value for the next invocation date by AGENT_EXEC process depending on the scheduling parameters of job : Force the job's stopping: Get the process ...more»
Documentum : Creation of audit trail entries dm_audittrail
Hi, Here, a Documentum DFC standalone sample program in order to create entries in dm_audittrail. DCTM provides several more evolved methods for example to register an audit event (dm_save) for specific custom object and its subtypes and including new values of attributes in order to create automatically entries, Very good article :   Here, a simple code in order to create audit ...more»
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