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Documentum : Concurrency patterns in DFC – Optimistic locking
Hi, Just a post concerning the concurrency in DFC for the error : DfException:: THREAD: http-; MSG: error: "Cannot save 0902xxxxxxxx15 sysobject."; ERRORCODE: 100; NEXT: DfException:: THREAD: http-; MSG: error: "save of object failed because of version mismatch: old version was 30"; ERRORCODE: 100; NEXT: null ... Followed by: DfException:: THREAD: http-; MSG: error: "save of object failed because of version ...more»
Documentum : BOF – SBO (Service based Business Object) – TBO (Type based Business Object) – ASPECTS
Hello, I would like to expose you the DCTM BOF Business Object Framework (BOF) which is the object oriented framework provided by Documentum to build, deploy, test and execute reusable business logic component known as Business Objects. Types of BOF Modules: TBO – Type Based Business Object SBO – Service Based Business Object Aspects Simple Module BOF offers the following capabilities: Customization of Documentum functionality in one of ...more»
Documentum : IRM :  Apply IRM security, job dm_DMClean
Hi, I would like to expose you a simple example of interaction with the IRM server in order to encrypt and apply the IRM security on CONTENT files of a document. The IRM configuration is out of scope of this article.     IRM Briefly, EMC Documentum Information Rights Management (IRM): Unauthorized access prevention to secured content, enabling organizations to maintain control of information ...more»
Documentum : Job sequence, dm_method, dm_job (return code, success status, current status, last return code)
Hello, Here, a post concerning the Documentum Job Sequence. A job sequence is a job that runs a series of other jobs. For each job in the sequence, one or more predecessor jobs may be designated. Each job is run in the sequence after any predecessors run. Jobs that do not have predecessors run in parallel. Each job sequence ...more»
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