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Documentum : Unexplained DM_API_E_EXIST Error, client_pcaching_change
Hello, I would like to explain information concerning an error with the message DM_API_E_EXIST with stacktraces below. The system could not retrieve the objects while they were present in the docbase, suggesting a problem of corruption or consistency. First, in Documentum, there are several levels of cache : Object type caching (cache of object type definitions), Repository session caches (existing only for ...more»
Java: JVM parameters, Application Cache, Calculation of Memory Footprint
Hi, In a previous post, we spoke about solution in order to avoid the famous OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space or OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space errors and JVM parameters (-XX:PermSize, -XX:MaxPermSize, -Xms, -Xmx).   In this post, I would like to expose a simple method to calculate the memory footprint of JAVA objects in a cache in order to set the appropriate values of ...more»
Java/Spring: Data caching – Intercept method calls and put their returns in server-side cache with AOP/MBEAN/JCONSOLE
Hi, In a previous article Java/Spring: Measure performance and time processing with AOP on server side, I have presented a solution in order to measure performance and time processing on server side via an AOP layer (AOPALLIANCE library in Spring framework) to measure the execution time of the methods in the persistence layer HIBERNATE. So in this article, I propose you to ...more»
Java/Web: Set cache control in response with Http Filter (HttpCacheFilter)
Hi, The purpose of this paper is to evaluate solutions to manage the browser cache at the application level, using the HTTP headers. This post will start with some explanations concerning the cache in client-server exchanges, then simple examples, and finally with a solution based on http filter allowing the activation of caching on the browser side in order to reduce ...more»
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