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Apache: Commons collection (example ListUtils lazyList)
A simple post concerning a very good class ListUtils in the library commons-collections-3.2.jar of Apache for the collection's manipulation. The method lazyList returns a "lazy" list whose elements will be created on demand. So, the outputs in console would be: Some comments: - after the code , the list is initialized with 4 elements ( from index 0 to index 3). - after the ...more»
Tools: SFK – A Command Line Tools Collection
Here, I want present you a powerfull command line tool for daily tasks named Swiss File Knife (SFK), which a lot of features: Search text and binary files. Filter and replace text in files. Instant FTP and HTTP server, for easy file transfer between machines. List directory tree sizes and files. Zero installation, all-in-one executable. Open source for Windows (9x/NT/XP/Vista/7), Linux and ...more»
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