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Spring: access to Spring context in all places or layers of an application
Hi, After my last post concerning the customization of the Spring Context 'XmlWebApplicationContext', I will present you a simple solution to access to Spring context in all places of an application. For example, in a Spring MVC application with ORM layer, commonly, we have the following stack: SpringWebMVCCtrler      ==calls==> ServiceDelegate             ==calls==> ServiceImpl                    ==calls==> HibernateDaoImpl, it is necessary to have access ...more»
Spring: Customize the XmlWebApplicationContext
Hi, I will expose you a solution implemented in order to: - filter imports/resource loading in a spring context of general applicationContext.xml, - filter resources in imports or even overloading of beans, - test the environment and conditionally add path locations, For our example, in an web application with a root context definition applicationContext.xml: This context is loaded in the web.xml file of web application: In our ...more»
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