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Documentum : Starting, Stopping, Status Probing of DCTM Services, PowerShell Script
Hello, In this post, I would like expose the starting/stopping order and the status probing of DCTM services (PART I) (Content Server, globalr docbase, custom docbase, java method server, DFS...). In a second part (PART II), we will see a way to probe these DCTM services via a POWERSHELL script.   PART I Stopping order: Documentum Java Method Server EMC Documentum Foundation Services Documentum ...more»
Documentum, Java, API : Encrypt/Decrypt database password in dbpasswd.txt on DCTM server
Hello, I would like to present a solution in order to encrypt/decrypt data base password stored in dbpasswd.txt on DCTM server via API commands and Java API programming. When and why this would be necessary ? Perhaps, if the database password has been forgotten by everybody :)   API commands So, the password of database is stored in the dbpasswd.txt file in the docbase's ...more»
Documentum : License key in wrapper.conf
Hi, The file wrapper.conf in the documentum installation folder \jbossX.Y.Z\server\serviceConfig\MethodServer\conf\ contains the informations concerning the EMC license: For a non-PROD DCTM installation (7.2): # License Key wrapper.license.type=DEV wrapper.license.licensee=EMC wrapper.license.dev_application=Documentum wrapper.license.features=64bit wrapper.license.upgrade_term.begin_date=2016-07-21 wrapper.license.upgrade_term.end_date=2016-07-21 wrapper.license.key.1=12h7-06h1-45sd-de8f wrapper.license.key.2=12ho-45z4-sc4h-der54 wrapper.license.key.3=z12r-h40a-145d-45sr wrapper.license.key.4=2a6r-0779-wq7t-7fyi That's all! Huseyin OZVEREN ...more»
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