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Java: BlockingQueue implementation DelayQueue (Part7)
After my post concerning presentation of Queue/BlockingQueue, I would continue with a post about the BlockingQueue implementation: java.util.concurrent.DelayQueue. This implementation of BlockingQueue stores and keeps the elements internally until a certain delay has expired. So, this queue is an unbounded blocking queue of Delayed elements, in which an element can only be taken when its delay has expired.The head of the ...more»
Java: We have said Queue/BlockingQueue?! (Part1)
After my post concerning Multi tasks, Multi threading, Synchronization, Semaphore, Mutex, Barrier, I would continue with a post about the presentation of java.util.Queue and java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue. First, what is a Queue? In computer science, a queue is simply a collection that order elements in a FIFO (First-In-First-Out) manner, ie that the elements are always added to the end and taken from the beginning. However, there ...more»
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