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Unix : Some useful commands (find, process, disk space…)
Hi, In this article, I propose you a range of useful Unix commands. Use an ASCII file in DOS/MAC format in Unix format The line endings Windows are different of Unix line endings, and this point could create problem for the plain text files like CSH scripts, SQL scripts...etc. To convert the plain text files in DOS/MAC format to UNIX format, there is ...more»
Sencha/ExtJs: How I find the version used in an application?
One time or another, everyone will need to ask this question: How I find the ExtJs/Sencha version used in an application? In ExtJS, Ext.version defines the version used, however, in ExtJS 4.x, Ext.version has been replaced by Ext.getVersion(). But we don't assume that Ext.version=3.x and Ext.getVersion()=4.x, so the below code detects the version of Sencha used: For example: Best regards, ...more»
Eclipse/GWT: Resolve the error ‘unable to find a module’
Problem: When during the launch of an application on local Jetty server via Eclipse, there is the following error : Solution In Eclipse Run -> Run Configurations, Select your application to deploy, Go in Arguments tab, Then you have to delete the bad module which, in our case, is 'de.toolforge.googlechartwrapper.googlechartwrapper' ...more»
Tools: SFK – A Command Line Tools Collection
Here, I want present you a powerfull command line tool for daily tasks named Swiss File Knife (SFK), which a lot of features: Search text and binary files. Filter and replace text in files. Instant FTP and HTTP server, for easy file transfer between machines. List directory tree sizes and files. Zero installation, all-in-one executable. Open source for Windows (9x/NT/XP/Vista/7), Linux and ...more»
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