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Java : Excel : XLS : Example of excel generation (Apache POI)
Hello, After my previous article Example of mail generation (MSGParser, Apache POI-HSMF) concerning the generation of a mail file on server side, I would expose you an example of XLS (Excel) generation by using the Apache POI. Introduction The Apache POI Project's mission is to create and maintain Java APIs for manipulating various file formats based upon the Office Open XML standards (OOXML) ...more»
Java : Mail : EML : MSG : Example of mail generation (MSGParser, Apache POI-HSMF)
Hello, I would expose you a simple need: generate a mail file on server side and return it to client side in order to open the client's email software like Outlook. So, we must on server side: generate a prefilled mail file with an attachment like PDF file, send this mail file to the client browser, At first, it seems simple: we have already ...more»
Spring: Expose all Spring beans as HTTP/AJAX service returning content in JSON format in Spring MVC application
Here, a homemade "securized" solution (questionable ??!!!) allowing the generic calls to Spring bean on server side from the client side with Ajax requests on the format: In fact, this solution exposes the Spring BEANs as a HTTP/AJAX SERVICE, returning a content like JSON objects in a Spring MVC application. This solution uses several technologies: Spring: the HttpRequestHandler interface for the creation ...more»
Tools: Generate Junits report via ANT
Download project: ...more»
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