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Documentum : Composer, JDK, JRE, logs, UnsupportedClassVersionError
Hello, This post is about Composer (log, JDK/JRE), the famous Eclipse-based tool used to create/modify custom type, job/method, BOF, aspects,...etc via Documentum Project. Composer Log First, during the use of Composer for compilation, building or deployment of Documentum Project, the C:\temp\documentum\ (or /tmp/documentum/) contains the log files named dctm_tools_xxxxxxxx.log:     Composer JDK/JRE Secondly, like Eclipse, Composer allows the configuration of JDK/JRE used: It is possible to specify ...more»
Java/JRE/JDK: generate self signed SSL certificate with keytool (install on web server…)
Hi, In this article, I will try to present briefly: 1) the management of self signed SSL certificates with keytool; 2) a complete example of certificate's generation; 3) installation on web server and tests; 1. Presentation of keytool Java uses its own tools to generate and use self signed SSL certificates, based on a proprietary storage in a keystore file, comprised of certificates / keys accessible ...more»
Java/Spring: Create cron with frameworks, JDK timer, Quartz, ServletContextListener, ApplicationContextAware….
In this post, I propose several solutions to create CRON with frameworksand component JDK timer, Quartz, ServletContextListener, ApplicationContextAware.... Cron, crontab, push, pull, pool...what are they? First, some definitions: The crontab is the configuration table containing the crons. So cron (or job) is a process or a program launched at predefined times. The push mode is a client-server communication model in which the dialogue ...more»
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