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Java : Management of Accesses Concurrent With Lock
Hello, I would like to expose a home-made solution in order to manage the concurrent accesses.   Here, a singleton named LockSingleton used on server side to: Put a lock for an user, Keep a lock for an user, Check the presence of a lock, Cleanup the locks every 30 seconds,   ...With the lock class:     That's all!!! Huseyin OZVEREN ...more»
Java/Hibernate: concurrency management with Hibernate versioning
After my first post concerning Hibernate Java/Hibernate: generate universally a unique object ID with ORM/Hibernate persistence layer, I propose you a post about the concurrency management with a brief presentation of Hibernate versioning, its limits with a problematic case and a simple solution to resolve it. So, here, an simple solution used in an application with a layer ORM (object-relational ...more»
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