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Documentum : Administration Methods : Presentation and examples GET_PATH, DO_METHOD, CHECK_SECURITY, GET_FILE_URL
Hello, Here, a simple post concerning the Administration Methods. what are Administration Methods ? which are Administration Methods ? Administrative methods are methods that perform a variety of administrative and monitoring tasks. They are executed in an application by invoking either the DQL EXECUTE statement or the IDfSession.apply method. You can also execute them interactively through Documentum Administrator. More information in: - ...more»
Java/Hibernate: HashCode, Equals methods
A simple post concerning the HashCode, Equals methods in Java world. These methods allow containers to 'categorize' the objects it contains and so find them more quickly. This is particularly true of all containers whose name begins with 'Hash' (eg. HashSet, HashMap, ...). These containers can contain objects on which an order is not necessarily defined (and easily defined) as opposed ...more»
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