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Protected: JAVA : Track Oracle Java Versions (powershell solution)
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Oracle, Unix, Windows : Examples of SQL, SH and BAT scripts
Hello, In this post, I would like to keep in my "knowledge base" 2 examples of scripts : SHELLSCRIPT + SQL and SQL + BATCH.   Example 1 : SHELLSCRIPT + SQL : Export data to CSV file Creation of a SHELLSCRIPT script which is the launcher of a SQL script ex1_processing_script.sql. This SH script takes 2 parameters: the output CSV file ...more»
Tool/Oracle SqlDeveloper : Access to Sybase, SQL Server databases
Hi, PL/SQL Developer is an Integrated Development Environment that is specifically targeted at the development of stored program units for Oracle Databases. However, it is also possible to access to Sybase databases. Below, the main Features of SQL Developer: Database connections – OS authentication, Proxy, LDAP – Force thick driver usage – Group connections in folders Navigator support for – Queues, Queue tables – Browse and load Java – Generating ...more»
Java/Oracle: Call and use the database views
Hello, In this first post on 'database entity', I would write some words concerning the call and use of the database views in java code. In this post, I will not present the details of view's creation in database, for this point, see the official documentation of your database, for Oracle 10g CREATE VIEW: The main advantages of view are: Hide certain ...more»
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