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Tool/Browser: Brief presentation of YSlow
Hello, I would like to write some words concerning YSlow. It's a tool which analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages. Originally, it was an add-on developped by Yahoo! for the Firebug extension in Firefox. It is also widely used by webmasters and developers. So, after analysis, YSlow assigns ...more»
GAE: Presentation and Development with GAE (Google App Engine)
I continue with the presentation of GAE (Google App Engine). As explained in a previous post, Google proposes a cloud computing infrastructure named Google App Engine (GAE) for the hosting and running web applications. An Google email account is necessary to deploy an application to GAE. The GAE dashboard is accessible at the URL with the Google account information. ...more»
GWT 2.4.0: Presentation and Development with GWT (Google Web Toolkit)
I start by the presentation of GWT: GWT (Google Web Toolkit) 2.4.0, is a popular framework available as open source since the end of 2007, which addresses the following problematic topics: the support of different browsers that do not support all the JavaScript in the same way, especially concerning the implementation of AJAX applications); the maintenance and evolution of applications ...more»
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