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Protected: Documentum : BOF – SBO (Service based Business Object) – NoSuchMethodException – JAVA reflection
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Spring: Expose all Spring beans as HTTP/AJAX service returning content in JSON format in Spring MVC application
Here, a homemade "securized" solution (questionable ??!!!) allowing the generic calls to Spring bean on server side from the client side with Ajax requests on the format: In fact, this solution exposes the Spring BEANs as a HTTP/AJAX SERVICE, returning a content like JSON objects in a Spring MVC application. This solution uses several technologies: Spring: the HttpRequestHandler interface for the creation ...more»
Java: Reflection, javap
Hello, In this article, I want present you the concept of reflection, especially in JAVA world. First, what is Reflection? In computer programming, reflection is the ability of a program to review and possibly modify, the internal structures of high-level (eg objects) at runtime. In OO programming, the reflection allows the introspection of classes i.e. loading a class, creation of an instance and access ...more»
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