Documentum : DQL : Repeating Attribute DM_QUERY_E_REPEAT_REG, DM_QUERY2_E_REPEAT_TYPE_JOIN
Hello All, I am running the below query in order to list the documents created after 23/09/2015, whose the name starts with 'javalu' and attached/associated with the ASPECTS aspect_1 or aspect_2: NOTE : r_aspect_name is repeating attribute. SELECT doc.r_object_id, doc.r_aspect_name FROM dm_document doc LEFT OUTER JOIN dm_acl mAcl ON mAcl.object_name = doc.acl_name WHERE LOWER(doc.object_name) like 'javalu%' AND (any doc.r_aspect_name = 'aspect_1' or any doc.r_aspect_name = ...more»